So very thankful to all who gave funding and material support for the Farm Labor Tour launch!

Chastity Mays
Rachel Cristaudo
Jane Adams
Susan Marthaller
Rick Piel
Terry Whipple
Robin Wheeler
Lisa Barnes
Kay M Purcell
Melanie MacKinnon
Henry McCarty
Marjorie Sawicki
Bonnie Nalley
Sean Cameron
Brenda Brackett
Mary Lee O’Hara
Jim Zimmerman
Audrey Romaine Wagner
George Donart
Pamela Eaton
Courtney Smith
Matt McCArroll
Nancy Dennis
Stephanie Brown
Sheri Doyel and Blair Thomas
Jill Rendleman
Steve Gough
Sue Cutter
Deborah Cavanaugh-Grant
John Vitt
Marsha Paisley
Dennis Conner
Dave Bishop
Rosalie Fulia
Kristin Pass
Guido and Audrey Bernstein
Laura Williams and Cristian Hidrobo
Tom and Kelly Grant
Alison Crim and Arias Potter
Karen Binder
Lauren Bonner
Danielle Estes
Amanda and Ryan Pankau
Al Babbit and Eileen Meehan
Heather Smith
Mike Richter

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